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2015-08-09 20:02:44 by MixMasterOlivia

Icône is a skyscraper complex currently under construction in Montreal, Quebec, Canada designed by the architecture firm Béïque Legault Thuot. The towers will be located on René-Lévesque Boulevard at the corner of De la Montagne Street, near the Bell Centre and facing the Roccabella development.

The West Tower will be 39 floors and 146 metres (479 ft) tall, while the East Tower will be 27 floors and 107 metres (351 ft) tall.[1] The promoter of the project is Metropolitan Parking Inc.

The West Tower will consist of 358 luxury condos.[2] The East Tower, meanwhile, will be mixed-use, containing office space and rental apartment units.


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2015-08-09 20:05:57

you're welcome, and that some interesting facts.


2015-08-09 22:47:13

you're welcome, and that some interesting facts.